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Our Forest

Our lush, sustainable and mature Australian Hardwood Forest, with the majority being Narrow Leaf Iron Bark for firewood and Cypress Pine for kindling, is situated on the Range just out of Brisbane, in South East Queensland.

The forest was established by timber cutters over 30 years ago and it is from their hard work that we get our stock.

We are fully trained, licensed and permitted to harvest the mature, dead seasoned timber into firewood using our modern logging machinery and best forestry practices with minimal disturbance. Our team works closely with the Department of Environmental Resources to ensure the focus is on sustainability, minimal disturbance and improving the quality of the forest from when we started.

Queensland Private Forestry did a feasibility study and showed that the restocking rate from harvest of the forest is every 25 years. By working closely with Queensland Private Forestry in managing the planting and harvesting of our forest, we believe that it will take us 28 years to harvest our currently mature forest into firewood, in which time our new timber will be matured and ready to be harvested and processed. Making it truly sustainable and improving the quality of the forest for a longer period.