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About 1800 FIREWOOD

Our team at 1800 Firewood is passionate about providing you with premium firewood which is easy to use and sustainable.

1800 Firewood take the utmost care to produce premium firewood managing the entire process. Our qualified and dedicated team of Land Holders, Forest Management, Logging Operation, Processing of Timber, Bagging, Marketing, Delivery and Customer Relations work effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainable, premium quality firewood.

We are fully trained, insured, licensed and permitted to perform harvesting our mature, dead seasoned timber into firewood using our modern logging machinery and best forestry practices with minimal disturbance. Our team works closely with the Department of Environmental Resources and Queensland Private Forestry to ensure our focus is on sustainability, minimal disturbance and improving the quality of the forest from when we started.

Because most of our old aged timber has been cut more than 25 years ago, it is already fully seasoned and ready to be processed into firewood, bagged and delivered.

In the processing stage, the mature, fully seasoned timber is cut, split into firewood, cleaned, bagged and weighed into exact amounts of 650 kilograms before being stockpiled undercover for a further 8 months of drying before sale to the customer. By doing this, we ensure that the moisture content of the firewood is 8-9% making it a truly premium product.

Our professional delivery team quickly deliver your premium firewood in its durable storage bag to your door and neatly place it around your residence by crane. Leaving you to enjoy firewood which is accessible immediately, easy to assemble and ignite, hot, slow burning and emits very little smoke.


“Over the past 15 years we have tried many sources for firewood. We have had loads of firewood dumped on our driveway. Collected it ourselves from farms and bought bags from service stations as we needed it. 1800 Firewood provides a great product, promptly and in a very friendly and professional manner. The firewood burns clean and long. The aged ironbark generates incredible heat so you tend to use less. The bulka bags make the firewood easy to distribute and leave no mess to clean up. The only way to buy firewood is 1800 Firewood.”
Andrew H.

"Our firewood was delivered yesterday afternoon by Brett. Thank you so much! Always delivered fast and when promised. When my wood heater was first installed I had no idea about wood quality. I started off using poor quality wood that was more expensive. I'll never go back! It was a waste of money. I love that the wood you sell is sustainable, is delivered in the bag making it easy to cover and is better value for my money.
Keep up the great work!
Kathie C.