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As of July 1800Firewood suspendead production until we are operating at full capacity.

There are a number of reasons for us not being able to fulfill your order.  Primarily we have had a major breakdown with our processing plant which has been out of commission for a number of weeks.  Because of COVID19 it has been extremely difficult to obtain the necessary parts from overseas.  Our pre-winter production supplies have been exhausted.  We tried an interim solution of doing everything manually but this proved futile.

Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to meet your needs for this winter.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued support in 2021.

Brisbane’s premium firewood, delivered to your door.

Enjoying cosy times by an easy to ignite, hot, slow burning fire is made effortless with one call to 1800 Firewood.

1800 Firewood is a Brisbane based professional and licensed business dedicated to meeting all your heating requirements by supplying you with premium quality firewood. Our firewood is fully seasoned, sustainable Australian hardwood, which is cleaned, split, accurately weighed, packaged in durable bulk storage bags and neatly delivered to your door throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

We take care at every step of the process and do all the hard work and so that you don’t have to!

So if you live in Brisbane and need firewood, give 1800 Firewood a call today or use our contact form and start basking in effortless, cosy times by a hot, slow burning fire with our premium quality firewood!

Our lush, sustainable and mature Australian Hardwood Forest, with the majority being Narrow Leaf Iron Bark for firewood and Cypress Pine for kindling, is situated on the Range just out of Brisbane, in South East Queensland.

The forest was established by timber cutters over 30 years ago and it is from their left overs that we get our stock.

Queensland Private Forestry did a feasibility study and showed that the restocking rate from harvest of the forest is every 25 years. By working closely with Queensland Private Forestry in managing the planting and harvesting of our forest, we believe that it will take us 28 years to harvest our currently mature forest into firewood, in which time our replenished timber will be matured and ready to be harvested and processed. Making it truly sustainable and improving the quality of the forest for a longer period.
We are fully trained, licensed and permitted to perform harvesting our mature, dead seasoned timber into firewood using our modern logging machinery and best forestry practices with minimal disturbance. If we are cutting green trees (to stock pile for 3-5 years) we only cut the poorer, disfigured, termite damaged trees. Leaving the strong, healthy trees for future harvest. Our team works closely with the Department of Environmental Resources and Queensland Private Forestry to ensure our focus is on sustainability, minimal disturbance and improving the quality of the forest from when we started.

Because most of our timber has been cut over 25 years ago it is already seasoned with moisture content of 15 percent, and only needs to be processed and bagged.
In the processing stage, the mature, fully seasoned timber is cut, split into firewood, cleaned, packaged in durable storage containers and weighed into exact amounts of 650kg bags or 60 kg tubs of firewood and 5kg bags of kindling, before being stockpiled undercover for a further 8 months of drying before sale to the customers in Brisbane. By doing this, we ensure that the moisture content of the firewood is 8-9% making it a truly premium product, leaving you to enjoy a firewood which is easy to ignite, hot, slow burning and emits very little smoke.
Our premium quality firewood is suitable for all your heating requirements and is available for wholesale, commercial and domestic use in Brisbane and the surrounding area. The product is then transported to our 1800 Firewood Brisbane office and stored under cover from where it can be rapidly delivered by truck and craned neatly to your door throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds.  Our firewood is also available for pick up from our office in 650 kg bags and 60kg tubs as well as 5kg bags of kindling (Cypress Pine).

The team at 1800 Firewood are committed to quality, sustainability and manage every stage of the process so that you get to easily enjoy your premium quality firewood immediately with no mess or fuss.

1800 Firewood then rapidly deliver to your door throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds. Once on site, the firewood is craned neatly to a suitable location around your residence where it is able to be kept in its durable storage bag, leaving you to enjoy firewood which is accessible immediately, easy to assemble and ignite, hot, slow burning and emits very little smoke.

Our friendly staff at the 1800 Firewood Brisbane office are able to assist you with all your queries, provide outstanding customer care and organize delivery or pick up of our firewood and kindling. We accept all forms of payment including Credit Card, Direct Debit and Cheques.